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Supporting Innovation “Sharing experience in view of Horizon Europe”

Bruxelles, 25 giugno 2018
ENEL EU Office - Avenue des Nerviens, 9 – 31, Bruxelles

Organizzato da: APRE, with the involvement of EIT and the European Commission







 APRE - Agency for the Promotion of European Research with involvement of the EIT and the European Commission –  organizes the workshop: Supporting Innovation - "Sharing experience in view of Horizion Europe".


The workshop intends to take stock on Horizon2020’s schemes for funding innovation. Some of them are currently part of the EIC Pilot programme 2018-2020 (SME Instrument, Fast Track to Innovation, FET Open, Horizon Prizes), whereas other experiences come from the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) and will be discussed in view of Horizon Europe. A dedicated session will explore the current activities and strategy of well-known innovation platforms supporting innovators, bearing in mind the objective of armonising the European innovation ecosystem as a whole.


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