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Assistance activities

AssistenzaAs part of its institutional aim, APRE also provides assistance to support Italian participation in programmes and collaboration initiatives at the European level in the research sector. Enterprises, universities, and public/private research centres interested in participating in European research programmes can take advantage of APRE support for verifying the validity of working hypotheses and turning them into successful proposals, all the while complying with the European Commission requirements and evaluation procedures.


Customized assistance includes:

  • Identifying opportunities for eligible participants in EU programmes;
  • Advising potential participants to identify which programme suits their project idea best;
  • Searching partners through dedicated software and networks;
  • Supporting applicants in proposal design and development, and with specific focus on financial and legal aspects;
  • Eligibility check of the proposal in compliance with the European Commission criteria;
  • Supporting  applicants during the grant agreement negotiations;
  • Technical and practical assistance for the preparation of the final report and dissemination of the project results.

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