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APRE in Brussels

Research and Innovation (R&I) is a core principle of the EU strategy ‘Europe 2020’, for a smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Europe. Nevertheless, complexity of the EU framework and difficulties in addressing key topics and matching coherently priorities can usually represent a stumbling block to access EU R&I programmes and funding opportunities.

APRE EU Liaison Unit is passionately committed to promote and improve the participation of Italian actors (SMEs, industry, universities and research centres, regions, etc.) in Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for R&I 2014-2020.




Apre Brux


Main Activities 

In synergy with the APRE Main Office in Rome, we provide targeted services to our members and Italian participants in the following areas:


  • Promoting R&I and competitiveness: we provide assistance and strategic advice to deal with EU R&I policy and programmes, as well as related industrial initiatives cutting across the EU-National-regional dimension;
  • Enabling “knowledge” spin-off: we perform studies and analysis on EU R&I programmes (e.g., H2020, ESIF, Access to finance) to promote simplification and strategic thinking in the design of new project proposals;
  • Facilitating strategic partnership: we support our members to better understand the EU R&I policy and bring their voices closer to the EU institutions through the organization of thematic workshops and working groups;
  • Communicating and connecting: as R&I moves in the EU, we move. APRE EU Liaison Unit connects you faster to the wide network of events and opportunities;
  • Leveraging change: EU policies, information and opportunities travel at high speed in Brussels. Success relies on how effectively you are able to seize new opportunities. We strive to support our members and Horizon 2020 participants to handle complexity across the wide EU framework and keep them abreast of the rising opportunities.




Head of Office - Mr. Gianluigi Di Bello

Horizon 2020 National Contact Point (NCP)

NCP Future and Emerging Technologies

NCP Access to risk finance



R&I Policy Officer and Project Manager - Mr Mattia Ceracchi

EU Horizon 2020 - International Cooperation

EU Horizon 2020 – Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation 





APRE - EU Liaison Office

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Tel. +32 02 290 22 71

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