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Access to other funds

Businesses around Europe will have easier access to much needed finance as the European Commission expands the single portal on EU finance, to include EU Structural Funds: the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and theEuropean Social Fund (ESF).


Access to finance is one of the most pressing problems facing SMEs in Europe. In the last two years almost one-third of the SMEs applying for bank loans were refused or ended up getting less than requested. The European Small Business Finance Outlook confirms that the business environment for European SMEs is getting worse and euro area banks have tightened their credit standards.


EU financial instruments for SMEs covered by the website include: 

  • the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP),
  • Progress Microfinance, the Risk-Sharing Instrument (FP7), 
  • EIB loans for SMEs 
  • Member States’ national and regional Operational Programmes implementing cohesion policy objectives.


The single portal provides detailed information on how SMEs can apply for finance supported by the EU, via one of approximately 1000 banks and other financial institutions.



To access the portal:

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