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Europe in a changing world - Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies

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 The aim of this challenge is to foster solution and support inclusive, innovative and reflective societies in a changing world.


The 6th challenge collects the heritage of the Socio-economic and Humanistic Research (SSH) of the 7th Framework Programme, giving more space to humanistic research


European and national policies need to continue modernisation while acknowledging the socio-economic and cultural diversity in Europe, and improved knowledge about how our modern societies work.


EU research and innovation will address social exclusion, discriminations and various forms of inequalities. It will explore new forms of innovation and strengthen the evidence base for the Innovation Union, the European Research Area and other relevant EU policies. It will promote coherent and effective cooperation with third countries. Finally, it will address the issues of memories, identities, tolerance and cultural heritage.



  • Foster a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth
  • Build inclusive and flexible societies in Europe
  • Strenghten the role played by Europe on the world stage
  • Bridging the gaps in research and innovation in Europe.


  • Strenghten the knowledge and measures in support of the Innovation Union and the European Research Area
  • Exploring new forms of innovation that includes social innovation and creativity
  • Ensure the participation of society in research and innovation
  • Promote a consistent and effective cooperation with third countries.


  • Analyze the legacy, memory, identity, integration and interaction of European culture, including its representations in scientific and cultural collections, archives and museums, to better inform and better understand the present through interpretations of the past
  • Carry out research on the history, literature, art, philosophy and religion of European countries and regions, and how these have originated the diversity of today
  • Conducting research on the European role in the world, the mutual influences and links between global regions and provide an external glance on European cultures.


€ 1.158 million


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