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Nanotechnologies, Advanced materials, Biotechnology, Advanced manufacturing and processing

NMP+BNanotechnologies, advanced materials, biotechnologies, advanced manufacturing and processing are key areas that determine Europe’s position in the global market. Investing in these areas will boost competitiveness, create jobs, and support growth. 

This part of the programme covers different areas:

  • Nanotechnologies can create materials and devices on a minuscule scale - 80,000 times smaller than a human hair. Nanotechnologies are touching every aspect of human life: electronics, medicines, everyday products, our cars and our homes. Research in this area will lead to new products and services developed by the industry, capable of enhancing human health while conserving resources and protecting the environment. 
  • Advanced materials can introduce new functionalities and improved properties, while adding value to existing products and processes, in a sustainable approach. Research can start from the material itself (e.g. biomaterials), from the industrial sector (e.g. metallurgy) or from their applications (e.g. energy, health, transport). Research in this area responds to people’s needs and concerns for integrated solutions that combine energy, natural resources and human health.
  • Biotechnology: 

    Biotechnology has achieved spectacular progress as an enabling technology to drive long term sustainability and growth across economic sectors. Generation of scientific and technological know-how and its translation into industrial products and solutions of societal challenges is paramount in securing European leadership in this key enabling technology, and it is as such at the very core of the current call.

    Within the challenge “Biotechnology-based industrial processes driving competitiveness and sustainability” activities are aimed at bridging the gap from lab to market and at creating a path for participants in projects, in particular SMEs and large industries, to continue investing in an array of possibilities for the commercialisation of the knowledge generated. The challenges “Cutting-edge biotechnologies as future innovation driver” and “Innovative and competitive platform technologies” develops generic technological enablers across economic sectors such as health, agriculture and industry. Topics are broad, however with scale and scope, to allow one or several projects with complementary approaches to be financed under the same topic.

    Some biotechnology areas such as synthetic biology raise potential ethical and safety concerns. Ethical issues will be embedded in the corresponding topics. Where the biotechnology developments covered by the projects supported by this call would target individuals or groups of people, the gender dimension should be considered.

  • Advanced manufacturing and processing: Despite growing globalisation and challenges from low-wage economies, manufacturing has a bright future in Europe in a sustainable, knowledge-based society. There is a strong indication of the re-emergence of the EU manufacturing sector as part of the new sustainable economy – in technical, environmental and social terms. But it is clear that such sustainable development requires continuing innovation in the underpinning products and processes, with a need for consistent and effective research over the next decade based on a clear and long-term vision.


Activities of the work programme will address the whole innovation chain with technology readiness levels spanning the crucial range from medium levels to high levels preceding mass production, and helping to bridge the gaps ("valley of death") in this range. These activities will be based on research and innovation agendas defined by industry and business, together with the research community, and have a strong focus on leveraging private sector investment.

For the higher technology readiness levels, dedicated support will therefore be provided for larger-scale pilot lines and demonstrator projects to facilitate industrial take-up and commercialisation. There will be a strong focus on the contribution of Key Enabling Technologies to societal challenges.




€ 992.20 million


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