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Transnational Technology Transfer




Aiming to achieve technology transfer transaction between Italian and European companies in the form of trade agreements, licensing, joint ventures and technical collaborations, APRE offers the following free services:





  • Company visits and technology audits to select demand and supply of innovative technologies, know-how and research results.
  • Development of company profiles, products and/or technologies for its promotion at European level through the Enterprise Europe Network
  • Organization of “company missions”, exchange visits to facilitate the creation of international partnerships.
  • Organization of transnational "brokerage event" to facilitate the matching of technology supply and demand.
  • Assistance on issues of Intellectual Property Rights, Patents, Finance Risk and development of innovative ideas.
  • Assistance until the conclusion of agreements on all aspects of the various contracts (manufacturing agreements, technical cooperation, commercial agreement with technical assistance).
  • Search engine for technology offers and requests of the Enterprise Europe Network.