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Automatic Matching Tool

What is It?


The Automatic Matching Tool (ATM) is a computerized tool that, based on specific keywords directly pointed out by the companies, allows you to receive on your e-mail address information on Technology Offer (TO) and Technology Request (TR) in the BBS (Business Bulletin System) of the Enterprise Europe Network.


The aim of the system is to facilitate technology transfer (TT) between the clients on the network, that is the transfer of research results (RTD) to the market, the inter-sectorial technology transfer and transfer of know-how, technologies or skills between subjects also belonging to the network.


The partnerships that may arise between clients (companies) -thanks to the synergy of the various EEN nodes (at the international level )- are the most varied, including technical cooperation agreements, commercial agreements, licensing agreements, and more.


The platform guarantees to small and medium enterprises, universities and research centers, a continuous monitoring of supply and demand of technologies of interest (TO and TR), staying up to date on market innovations.





To access this free service, simply fill out the Application Form. During compilation, you will be able to pinpoint the sector/s and in which you want to receive the corresponding TR and TO (see initial description).

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