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Through the FP7, the European Commission funds several projects enabling European researchers to benefit from scientific and technology activities in different parts of the world (
The United States falls within the Contact Areas that APRE established through this particular type of project.
In the words of the European Commissioner for Culture and Education “in a globalized world it is essential to invest in research and education with an international dimension”.
Based on this awareness, the European Commission, the US and the Canadian government have jointly invested 15 million Euros in new forms of transatlantic partnerships in the education field and particularly in science and technology.
There are several areas of great strength deemed as forces driving investments:

  • energy
  • environment and climate change
  • health (including the biomedical sector)
  • nanotechnologies
  • ICT
  • security
  • space





The great novelty of both the LINK2US and BILAT-USA projects lies not only in their figures, but also in the fact that they are among the first EU-USA cooperation programmes setting such high-ranking objectives as to important industries and high number of institutions and universities involved.


The entire project details can be viewed at:



Opportunities for European Researchers 

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La Commissione The European Commission has funded two projects to support scientific and technology cooperation between Europe and USA.
The first, BILAT-USA ( is a bilateral cooperation project aimed to stimulate the participation of US researchers in EU programmes.

The second project is Link2US (, a bilateral cooperation project, whose main purpose is to provide information to European researchers and Institutions on the European programmes of research and innovation in the United States.
For the Link2US project, an initial mapping carried out on several U.S institutions resulted in 14 funding programmes open to researchers and European institutions. For further information, you may download the online catalogue of programmes by thematic research areas << Catalogue Link2US >>
The link where you can find detailed information on these opportunities is:
More information on research opportunities in the United States and other countries is available in the periodic newsletter of the Access4EU project.
In any case, because of APRE’s direct role in the project you may contact us (see link at the bottom of the page) for tips and further advice on how to benefit from these funding opportunities. 



Partner Search [and/]or Cooperation [& Collaboration] opportunities

Through a network of contacts established in the United States, APRE may search a partner for you or circulate your company profile throughout the USA. 

In addition, because of pursued international cooperation activities APRE has a comprehensive online database of researchers’profiles together with project ideas from third countries. Enter your profile or your partner search in order to be publicly visible at international level or consult the [online] database to find out in which projects you may participate. Please Visit our Website:


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