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Through the FP7, the European Commission funds several projects enabling European researchers to benefit from scientific and technology activities in different parts of the world. (
India falls within the Contact Areas that APRE established through this type of project.
India saw rapid economic growth over the last decade and today is one of the leading economic powers of the world.

In addition, India ranks 5th with respect to the development of new technologies and is recognized as one of the most advanced countries in the aerospace and nuclear fields.
In 2009 India’s investments in Research and Development (R&D) grew by 5.4% demonstrating the country’s great potential in the research field.
The greatest investments are made in the following sectors: 

  •  mathematics
  •  theoretical physics
  •  chemistry
  •  molecular biology
  •  biotechnology
  •  nanotechnology
  •  ICT
    Given the geographic structure of the country, agricultural research absorbs a large percentage of Research and Development (R&D) investments.
    It is also interesting to note that India has a well-defined Science and Technology (S&T) structure; different ministries fund, coordinate, promote, and oversee the scientific and research activities through the government implementing departments.
    The following link illustrates the S&T structure: Indiagate copertina


For an overview of Indian research and Innovation system, you may consult the publication: "Cooperate with India - A guide for European Players on Indian Research & Innovation Fundings".










Europe and India sign a cooperation agreement for Research and Innovation  


On February 10th the European Union and the Indian Government signed a new Joint Declaration on Research and Innovation Cooperation on the sidelines of the ‘EU-INDIA Summit’ in New Delhi. The Declaration will steps up EU-INDIA cooperation towards building an 'Indo-European Research and Innovation Partnership' by: (i) improving the scale, scope and impact of cooperation actions, (ii) focusing on common societal challenges, and (iii) building on the synergies between India, the EU and its Member States.

For more information:






















Opportunities for European Researchers




The European Commission has funded two types of projects to support scientific and technological cooperation between the EU and India. The first, EUINEC (, is a bilateral cooperation project aimed at stimulating the participation of Indian researchers in Community programmes. 

The second project, India Gate ( focuses very much and among other things, on
giving extensive information to European researchers on research opportunity in

If you are a European researcher interested to learn about research opportunities in India, you may contact APRE that has a direct role in this project (please, find project
managers’ contact details at the bottom of this page).You will easily learn about current programmes open to researchers by research thematic areas.

More information about the opportunities in India and other countries is available downloading Access4EU projects periodic newsletters. 



Info Days and Seminars

Meetings and seminars are scheduled for European researchers to offer further information about research opportunities in India. To learn more about events organized by the two projects mentioned above, you may consult the following links:




You may keep up to date on the events calendar by subscribing to the newsletter or by visiting the following website: 



Partner Search and Collaboration Opportunities

The EUINEC project aims to increase S&T Cooperation between the European Union and India by providing European and Indian researchers a tool to search partners through which they may insert a personal profile or a project idea.
During the project scheduled thematic partnerships’ events the entered profiles will be issued and publicized through the website.  

Please, click the following link to access to the dedicated page:
In addition, thanks to its international cooperation activities, APRE has a third countries comprehensive online database of researchers’ profiles and projects ideas.
Enter your profile or partner search in order to be publicly visible at international level or consult the online database to find out in which projects you may participate.
Please Visit our website:



For further info you may contact:

Martina De Sole:
Serena Borgna:



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