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Argentina is the first Latin American Country, which signed a Scientific and Technological (S&T) Cooperation Agreement with the European Union.

The Agreement is in force since 2005, and besides strengthening S&T cooperation programmes and opportunities between Argentina and the European Union, provides all researchers, institutions and SMEs willing to benefit from opportunities to participate in cooperation projects with concrete aids, technical and information assistance.








Argentinean Bureau for Enhancing Cooperation with the European Community in the Science, Technology and Innovation Area. Phase III



abestIIIABEST III is a natural continuation of the activities developed during the successful ABEST/A-EU project financed within the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)  and the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The main objective is to promote the participation of Argentinean scientists and institutions in activities proposed by the Seventh Framework Programme jointly with EU peers. It will be achieved by fostering awareness and information of the Framework Programme, targeting in particular the enhancement of participation in some specific Themes of H2020.

ABEST III will also identify mutual interest areas in S&T cooperation between the EU and Argentina,

will promote the sharing of best practices via joint fora and will also promote the participation of Argentinean SMEs in FP7 activities.

The strategic areas identified by Argentina are:

  • Biotechnologies
  • Food products and agriculture
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Energy 


ABESTIII intends to:

  • Support reciprocity, which originates from the Scientific Cooperation Agreement signed by EU and Argentina, also through the publication of studies and reports;
  • Stimulate Bilateral Cooperation within the scope of Innovation and in particular, technology [tailored solutions] for [a diverse range of] industrial sectors

Information Days and Seminars

Scheduled events are:

  • Brokerage events, that are [top-level] meeting opportunities for researchers coming from different countries
  • Thematic Workshops related to research areas of mutual interest
  • Site Visits to research bodies (institutes and centres)
  • Scientific events 
  • Information days

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