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The European Commission funds through the Framework Programme several projects that enable European researchers to access to scientific and technology research in a number of geographical areas of the world (
Canada falls within the Contact Areas that APRE established through this type of project.
Since 1979 the EC and Canada have established mutual agreements concerning cooperation in the field of science and technology. Cooperation between the two countries experienced a turning point in 1990, when the CE adopted the Framework Programme and in particular the Joint Science and Technology Cooperation Committee (JSTCC), a committee which meets every eighteen months with meetings organized in Europe and Canada alternatively.


Moreover, a large number of bilateral agreements and Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) was signed among Canada, research institutes and single European countries at governmental level.
Additional information about the research system of this country is available at the following link:


Expressed Interest (LoI) for Future Agreement between APRE and NSERC, the ‘Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council’

Accordo Canada XSOn the 11 October 2011 at Ottawa in Canada, APRE, as reference point for the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) in Italy and hosting the related National Contact Points (NCPs), signed a Letter of Intent (Loi) together with NSERC, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, (see link: and the Canadian Funding Agency to support research and innovation with the [ultimative] objective of stimulating participation in the EU’s FP7 calls for proposals/tenders for Canadian researchers,  NSERC and/or other Canadian research organizations.





Opportunities for European Researchers

Eracan-acessCanThe European Commission funded two types of projects to support scientific and technological cooperation between Canada and Europe.


The first, ERA-Can ( is a bilateral cooperation project that intends to stimulate participation of Canadian researchers in European programmes. The second one, ACCESS2CANADA ( aims mainly to inform European researchers about research opportunities in Canada.


If you are a European researcher and wish to learn about research opportunities in Canada, log in the database of ACCESS2CANADA and look at the programmes available today at the research thematic area of your interest. The project is in effect opened to all research thematic areas.
Learn more about the opportunities of Access4EU projects in Canada and other countries downloading the periodic newsletter.

APRE is involved in the project directly, therefore, we invite you to contact us (see the link at the bottom of the page) in order to have further suggestions and/or clarifications on how to benefit from these funding opportunities.  







Information days and Seminars

Meetings and seminars are scheduled for European researchers to offer further information about research opportunities in Canada. To learn more about the scheduled events, please sign up for the Newsletter or visit the following website:


Partner Search or Cooperation Opportunities

Through the website it is possible to contact your Project Coordinator, who will be at your disposal with updating and during partners search

Because of pursued international cooperation, APRE has a [comprehensive online] database of profiles together with third countries project objectives and planning stages. Enter your profile or your partner search in order to be publicly visible at international level or consult the [online] database to find out in which projects you may participate. Please Visit our Website:

For further info you may contact:

Dott.ssa Diassina Di Maggio;
Dott.ssa Sabrina Bozzoli;
Dott.ssa Martina Desole;



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